The Ellaphant in the Room is a Brooklyn-based company that creates sophisticated, hand painted wall murals and print illustrations. We specialize in designing and painting statement making walls by working with concepts and colors that compliment your existing interior for your living room, dining room or child’s bedroom. Our illustrations are small-scale artworks that are commissioned both commercially for magazines such as NY Magazine, Real Simple, Boston, Readers Digest and Parent & Child magazine. and privately for home décor.

First, we'll visit your space to see the room and talk about what inspires you. The one-on-one approach fosters a mutual creative exploration that helps us customize a unique painting that suits your home and personal style. Next, we provide samples to illustrate the direction we plan to take. Upon your approval of a final design plan, we arrive with materials in hand to bring your new wall art to life.

It all started on a Sunday afternoon when crafting a stylish ocean wall mural for Ella, who was inspired by her blue walls. What started as play soon became an adventure. After a series of sketches and some brainstorming, a Humpback whale emerged, and her room was transformed with a dreamscape that inspires her.

Thank you to our dear friends Jeffrey W. Miller , Thomas Alberty, Paul G Metzger,Levi Miller, David Prince, Vivian Manning Schaffel and the families Epstein, Prokell and Rogers for helping us get this Ellaphant off the ground.